I don’t know about you, but I’ve been there. You go out and eat dinner or have dinner with friends and then come home, pay principle, and you still feel like you want more. Or you’re like, I should have spent more time at the bank, you know? The point is, this doesn’t have to be your life. We’re all capable of making better choices.

The problem with making better choices is that they might not be as good as you thought they were. Or they might be even worse. This is why it’s so important to always make a decision with intention as well as outcome. Your intention is to make better choices by making more aware of your current situation. This might be the difference between making a good decision or a bad one. But while intentional decisions are always better, sometimes they are no better.

The ability to pay principle is a good example of this. In the movie Finding Nemo, you’ve got a bunch of people in a room. The one person who is paying the least attention to the situation is the one who is doing more damage to the whole group. By contrast, the person who has the most potential is the one who will be the one who saves everyone. People act on their own impulses, so they are really not that different.

Another example is the ability to pay principle. We all know you can’t just give the money to someone. That doesn’t mean you should give the money to everyone in the world, but most people do. A lot of people have the ability to pay principle. It is a very good indicator of how much someone cares about you. Often, we’ll see the ability to pay principle on a person’s profile page.

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