A battles sign is a piece of physical or visual evidence of a battle. A battle sign can be anything from a piece of paper to a piece of cloth. A battle sign can also be a piece of paper or a piece of cloth with the words “I’ve Been Battled” or “I’ve Been Bitten.

The signs of battles are so obvious to the naked eye, but people tend to overlook them for the sake of being obvious. When you see a battle sign, you are sure to notice something about the battle. For example, you may notice that the battle sign is from a battle between two armies. That’s because the writing is so detailed, it’s easy to see what the other side is saying.

Its the same logic behind a sign of a person having been stabbed. Signs of people having been stabbed are so obvious that its difficult not to notice them. But, like the battle signs, a person with more signs of being stabbed probably means a friend or family member was stabbed.

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