covas is a Latin word meaning “a kind of container”. It’s not actually a thing. What it means is that the material from which a piece of furniture is made is used as a surface for storage.

Although something like a wooden chair is actually a type of cova, the material used to make a wooden chair is often used as a surface for storage. It is not a thing.

The use of a wooden chair as a storage container is probably one of the oldest uses of the word cova, dating back to a couple hundred years ago. It is one of the best used words in English and it is not limited to furniture, either. The word cova goes back to an early form of English. We wouldn’t know the word if it wasn’t for the name of the first school in England that was named Coventry.

The main reason to use a wooden chair as a storage container is because it is an excellent storage container for a table and a box. The reason why it is not a storage container is because it is made of a thin metal made of wood which is easy to put down and tear. The other reason is that the table is made of a thick piece of wood called a corrugated board.

Covas is a word created by a man named Henry Covas, who was born in Coventry, England to a wealthy family. Covas was a great inventor and inventor of many other things, but not all of them related to chairs and storage containers.

Covas was one of the original architects of the Coventry Cathedral, but Covas’s chair was not a chair like the chairs of the rich and famous, but a simple chair. Covas’s chair was a sturdy piece of furniture that is still often seen in church buildings today. The chairs and storage containers that we see now in the modern furniture industry are not in the same category.

Covas chair isn’t easy to find because it’s been around for over a hundred years. The first documented Covass chair was made of wood, but it wasn’t until much later that Covass began making chairs out of different materials. Although they were initially made out of wood, later Covass chairs were made out of metal. In fact, Covass was one of the original designers for the first metal chair.

It was designed by Peter Johnson, the designer of the Covass chair. We have been to Covass in our own bedrooms for five years now, and I’ve never seen a difference in design or style.

The Covass chair is a simple, straight-backed, metal model with a straight backrest that looks more like a skateboarder than anything else. There’s a leather cushion under the seat and a metal frame that supports it. It looks like a skateboarder is sitting on it. Its not the most comfortable chair Ive ever had the misfortune to sit in, but I wouldnt have it any other way.

Some people say it’s a very bad thing to sit on a chair that looks like a skateboarder because it looks like an animal. However, I don’t think it’s the case. The chair has a removable backrest and is easy to maneuver. You get your own backrest and chair. There are many different things you can put on a chair that you can’t use on a skateboarder.

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