Until recently, it was not possible for Xbox players in Canada and the rest of the world to take part in multiplayer action with players using a different console or device. This is because Multiplayer capability in Xbox was only restricted to players using Xbox consoles alone. 

Thanks to the cross-platform play feature, players can, for instance, enjoy online slots Canada entertainment for fun in The Four Kings Casino and Slots video game in multiplayer mode irrespective of the gaming device they are using. Other MMOs (massively multiplayer online games) that players can relish in cross-platform play include Temtem, Star Trek Online, Black Desert, The Elder Scrolls Online, and DC Universe Online. 

So, how do you enable cross-platform on Xbox so that you can dive into action with your fellow gamers who are playing on PlayStation, Nintendo, or PC? Spare the next few minutes of your time to find out how to enable this impressive feature on your Xbox or your friend’s Xbox if you have a different gaming device. 

How to Enable Cross-Platform Play on Xbox

Cross-platform play, also popularly referred to as crossplay or cross-compatible play, is still a relatively new concept in the Xbox online multiplayer scene, having been introduced to the world in 2018. So, there are a lot of things people still don’t know about the feature. As you can imagine integrating crossplay across different devices is an all-hands-on-deck process that is sometimes hinged on the specific developers of the games and the infrastructure they have in place. For example, in some instances, you will have to create an account on a third-party developer’s website to access the cross-platform feature on the Xbox console.

Besides allowing multiplier compatibility across different consoles and devices, the feature also lets you choose the location you want to play. Better still, if you are a PC user, it also gives you mouse and keyboard control options to even the playing field with your competitors across the board. 

So, to enable the crossplay feature on your Xbox, below are the quick and easy steps you should follow:

  • Go to the settings tab on your Xbox. 
  • Navigate to the “online safety and family” section under the General tab. 
  • Select “Privacy and online safety.”
  • Go to “Xbox privacy.”
  • Choose “View Details and Customize.”
  • Choose “Communication and Multiplayer.”
  • Here you will get this option: “You can join cross-network play.”
  • Click “Allow.”

It’s as simple as that. In a few seconds at most, you will be ready to engage in multiplayer gaming with fellow-players irrespective of their device. Just like that, you will be able to take the action beyond the hardware.

How to Disable Crossplay on Xbox

In the same way, you can enable this feature, there is also an option to disable it. Of course, you can also do this via the game settings. Don’t get us wrong, though. The ability to play Minecraft from your Xbox platform with a friend using a PC is enticing. However, in some cases, this prospect just isn’t that fun, especially when one person clearly holds an advantage because of the gaming platform they are using. In competitive shooting games, for instance, mouse and keyboard players have been known to hold an advantage over players using controllers. 

Fortunately, with the Xbox Series X, you can get similar response speeds, especially when using the Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller. If you are, however, not down with customizing your controller speed, you can just switch off the feature. The process is similar to the one we have just outlined for enabling the platform. The only difference is in the last step – you click “Block.”

Setting up Cross-Platform Play for your Child

There is also a way for your child to enjoy crossplay with their friends in games like Minecraft. Your kids who own an Xbox can comfortably play with their friends who own a PlayStation or even Nintendo Switch. Given that there needs to be an extra layer of protection for children, there are two ways you can do this. The first approach is via the Xbox Settings app as follows:

  • Select your child’s profile.
  • Select the settings icon located in the bottom right corner.
  • Scroll down and select “Cross network play.”
  • Click “Allow.”

Alternatively, you can set up the cross-platform play directly on the web or through your Xbox app. Here’s how you can do it:

  • If you are using the Xbox app, open the settings.
  • Click manage privacy settings.
  • If you are using the web, go to the Xbox settings page and log in.
  • Click on your child’s profile.
  • Click on Xbox one.
  • The first option will be about to crossplay: Click “Allow.”

This will enable crossplay outside of the Xbox Live platform. But, again, for better protection, your child will not be able to communicate with players across the other platforms. As a parent or guardian, make sure that you monitor your child’s gaming activity to ensure that they are playing responsibly and that the games they are enjoying are not beyond their age limit.

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