The word dissipative comes from the Latin dissolvenda meaning to scatter. The word is also used when referring to an object thrown away. Drying out, or losing all trace or memory of a substance, is the opposite of dissipative.

In dissipative, objects and processes are destroyed rather than scattered. Dissipative is a process, not a result.

In dissipative, objects and processes are destroyed rather than scattered.

It seems that the word dissipative is often overused, but it really is important to think about the way you apply it. The word should not be applied to things that just disappear or disappear completely, but to things that are destroyed when they’re no longer needed. The word should also be applied to things that are used but then are destroyed, as in the case of a piece of clothing that’s worn and then never again.

Dissipative is used a lot, so let’s make sure we understand what it really means. It is used for things that are destroyed or destroyed completely, so you can’t just go, “Oh, I just dissipeated that thing.” You can’t just go, “I just dissipedated that thing.

Dissipative is a word that sounds a lot like the word dissipated. It means to do away with and to destroy. So dissipated as in nothing is left, as in dissipation, is the opposite of dissipation as in dissolving. Drip is a word that means the flow of water. So dissipating as in the water dissipates, is a word that means being drained of water.

It’s not dissipation as in dissipation as in dissipation is a way to say that a substance is being depleted, in this case the energy in something. So you can use this word to mean the act of dissolving something, or the process of dissolving something.

Dissipation is a word that means the act of losing one’s ability to hold energy, as in to be deprived of energy, as in to lose the ability to hold onto anything, as in to lose your mind. The word comes from a Greek word meaning to be deprived of.

A lot of things in our everyday lives are dissipation. When we’re tired, or when we’re stressed or whatever it is when we’re tired, or stressed, then we can’t hold any energy, we can’t hold any thoughts. Or rather, we can’t hold any thoughts. But when we do hold on to our energy, it just dissipates.

The word dissipative can mean to be deprived of energy, to be deprived of things, or to be deprived of mind or consciousness. It can describe the process of energy leaving one’s body through the skin, the process of the mind being removed, or the process of a mind being removed from the body. And yes, in fact, it can describe what we’re doing when we’re dissipated.

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