If you’ve been on vacation and are looking to get off the couch and get out and about, you know I am always up for a good adventure. However, I am also not a big fan of the couch. After all, I sit on it all day long.

I am going to show you that I am right and that you are wrong. Here’s a true story of how I went from couch surfing to taking my first step into the real world. It is also a story of how I got my first real job as a writer and how I feel about the current state of the economy.

My name’s David. I’m thirty-nine years old and I live in Australia. I’ve been happily married for 17 years and have two beautiful daughters. I make a living writing, but I’m always looking for something that I can do that’s more meaningful to me and that doesn’t take up a lot of my time.

Ive been a blogger since 2006. I started with a free blog called blog.com.au, which was a very niche blog. In 2009 I was contacted by one of my former blogging colleagues who told me about a new blog called einfühlung which was started by a guy called David. In my free time, I started to write my own blogs. I started with a blog called myrdd.blogspot.com.au, which was very niche.

Myrdd is a very niche blog. It’s not like the hundreds of thousands of blogs that exist on the internet. People can write about anything under the sun, but they still choose to write about the same things. In myrdd, I wrote a very personal blog, about my life, my family, and what I liked to do. The blog was called myrdd.blogspot.com.au and was very niche.

Myrdd.blogspot.com.au was about a man who had a very private life. I really just wanted to write about myself. In myrdd.blogspot.com.au, I was more interested in writing about my family and my interests. Myrdd.blogspot.com.au was a very niche blog.

But when I started writing about my life, I realized that writing about my interests was a lot more fun. So I wrote myrdd.blogspot.com.au and it became Myrdd.blogspot.com.au. I had one blog about my own life and another for my interests. When I started writing about my interests, it was a lot more fun. I wrote about writing and the creative process.

In fact, when we launched myrdd.blogspot.com.au in 2006, I didn’t know what I was doing. I had no idea how to use WordPress or any other blogging software – I’d never even used an RSS reader before. Myrdd.blogspot.com.au was an experiment. If it worked and it was fun, then I was going to keep on doing what I was doing. It was a lot of fun.

One of the cool things about blogging is that, especially on a website like mine, you can give it new, and often-forgotten content. You can write a blog post about your latest trip to the zoo, or your favorite way to make a recipe, or your favorite topic on the internet. You can even write about your favorite hobby or pastimes.

This is what happens when you’re a blogger. You give away your life’s work for free. It’s an interesting thing to do, but it’s also a bit creepy. If you’re a blogger, you don’t really give a damn about your readers’ happiness. You just want them to get the most out of what you’re doing.

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