This fall down gif, a GIF that shows you how much pressure you’ll be under while you’re in the midst of a massive renovation or major change to your home. I love the feeling of how the pressure is building up at the same time as the weight is being lifted.

As an interior designer, I can attest that the pressure can be a bit tricky to spot. While I can tell you that youre feeling pressure, I can’t tell you what that pressure is or how much pressure you’re actually feeling. It can be a bit confusing. I often just call it “stress,” which is the feeling of pressure, but I’d like to see if there’s a better term than that.

This is why I can’t really pinpoint what youre feeling as a designer. I’ve noticed that the pressure can be a little overwhelming for both myself and for clients. In a way I guess you can say that your clients are experiencing stress, but not necessarily in the same way as you are.

I can get this same feeling from a client. I feel like I am always getting one big goal, one big project, one big presentation, and one big client, and I dont know what to do with myself. I guess its the same thing with you. Youve just gone into a new job, youve been in it for awhile, and now youre about to go out.

It really is that much easier to feel that way when youre not in a job that requires you to constantly be working. We all have ideas, projects, and clients that we want to do, and we need to keep them going. It’s just not the same as being in a job.

So I guess its like the old joke about the guy who can’t find the keys to his car. He starts to think that maybe he should just drive around looking for them, but then he gets a little lost. Now he has to go around looking for them, and when he does find them theyre just not where he thought they were.

I was talking to a couple of my friends about my day job, and they told me that we all spend so much of our time in the day job that it’s like we are so busy we don’t realize that we are busy. I just came across a post on a blog, and its a fantastic piece. It’s called “The Workday”, and in it, I can totally relate to what they are saying.

The workday is a thought-provoking and thought-expanding post by blogger and writer, Adam Miron, on the concept of “the workday.” He explains: “Work can become a lot more complicated than it originally was. We’re so busy that we don’t even realize that we are busy. It’s like we’re so busy that we don’t even realize that we’re busy.

I agree. Its like if you were so busy that you didnt even realize you were busy.

I guess that works because we are all busy all the time, and most of these other things feel more like a burden than actually a burden. But I do think we can get used to it by getting used to the idea that we are always in the midst of a workday and that things we take for granted like a cell phone or the ability to work out are the result of busyness.

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