High-quality polo shirts are the perfect choice for any guy who wants to look sharp but feels like he’s spent a fortune on clothes. The best polos are made with the highest quality fabric and designed with classic style in mind. A high-quality polo shirt for men has features like;

1. Collar

This feature is the first thing that you will notice as it is the most important. The collar should be fitted properly. It should sit in the perfect place, which makes it easy to put on and take off.

2. Tailoring

Suitable for a polo shirt is made with sharp attention to detail and laser-guided accuracy in order to ensure that the stitching lines are straight and consistent all down the shirt. This ensures a quality fitting polo shirt for men with a well-made and finished look.

3. Fabric

High-quality polo shirts are made from solid and high-quality fabrics. The most common fabric types are cotton, linen, modal, and merino wool. You can choose a fabric that’s best suited to your needs. Some people prefer a light fabric while others want something smooth and silky. Another important factor is the garment’s care label. This tells you how to wash the cotton or modal polo shirt for men in an appropriate way of taking care of it like hiring a laundry to clean it or doing it yourself at home machine washable at 30 � normal cycle or dry clean (with solvent).

4. Width

The polo shirt for men should be a pair of sleeves with a generous cuff, so it can provide adequate coverage to the lower limbs. It should also be roomy enough around the chest and back as these are popular fitting parts of polos. The width also determines whether it will be worn tucked in or un-tucked. The width of your sleeve cuff should not reach your wrist seam but should go just past it on both sides, this is because the armhole will pinch when you tuck in the sleeves and won’t allow for any extra fabric above the elbow. It is better if the sleeve does not contact your upper arm at all (even when your arms are completely relaxed).

5. Chest area

The chest area refers to the fabric that is used for the body of the polo. This will determine how well it’ll fit, how long it’ll last, and how comfortable it’ll be to wear. The most common materials for polos are cotton, linen, wool, and modal. Cotton is preferred as it’s quick-drying and feels great on your skin, but if you prefer a more natural feel then try wool or linen instead. If you’re looking for something lightweight and relaxed then try merino wool or modal polo shirt for men in order to feel great all day long. The thickness of the cotton polo shirt will also vary, with the most popular being 1.2 or 2.0 mm.

6. Collar points or collar roll

The collar is a small but important part of the polo shirt for men as it adds both extra style and comfort to your outfit. There are two types of collars; spread (also known as a cutaway) and closed (also known as traditional). The closed collar is the traditional style that you see on polos and this provides a crisp, clean appearance that’s great for more formal occasions like weddings and dinners with your partner’s parents.

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