A frog is a tiny, amphibious creature that lives in the middle of an ocean and is so cute and fun to watch when they swim. The most popular ones in this series are the tadpole frog, the toad, and the toadfish.

The idea here is that after a long day on Deathloop, Colt finds himself in the middle of the ocean. He can’t remember anything he did or did not do that day, so it’s up to him to remember what to do next. As it turns out, he has to find a toad and bring it back to the surface of the water, which of course has to end in him dying.

Of course, being the frog and all, he gets it wrong, so he ends up falling into the ocean and taking on a bunch of toads.

As if things weren’t bad enough for Colt, his toads turn out to be the Visionaries. They keep torturing him, and he ends up having to go back to the island and kill them all. In a way, its almost funny. They’re just a bunch of frogs, trying to kill Colt, who’s an amphibian and therefore incapable of killing them.

I love this idea. Maybe there is a third way we can see the Visionaries as frogs. Maybe theyre a bunch of toads. Maybe they’re the frog people from the movie. What if we see them as a frog version of the Visionaries, but with a few differences? Maybe its a little bit like the frog-in-a-guitar and a little bit like the frog-in-a-suit.

The idea that the Visionaries are toads is intriguing. Theyre like amphibious, but with no brain. Their brains are so tiny they don’t really work as a part of their bodies. What we see is them looking at the camera and thinking, “That frog is cute.” Or, “that toad is cute.” The two things they have in common are that they have no brain, and they’re cute.

What we see is an amphibious Visionary who is, in fact, a frog. The other Visionaries seem to be a mix of amphibious Visionaries and frogs. You can be a frog and a frog, or a frog and a toad.

You can be a frog and a toad, or a toad and a frog. The difference is in how you feel. The amphibious Visionary who is a frog likes to be in a pool, but the toads, in contrast, would rather be in a glass of water.

The frog-to-frog thing is sort of what makes the Visionaries so cool. The way they behave, the dialogue, the way they fight, and the way they act are all so completely different. And that’s not to mention how the toads look in different outfits. You can take them out of a toad outfit, but not a frog outfit. So that’s what makes it feel like the toads are kind of like frogs.

Oh yeah, the toads would rather be in a glass of water than a pool. I love how different the toads are from each other. You never really know what the toads will do.

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