The shiny, glittering background is my favorite way to add splashes of color to images with no other explanation other than “I like glitter.” I find that using a glitter brush, or even a tiny amount of fine glitter, adds sparkle to my images that are otherwise blank and feature nothing but flat backgrounds.

I can use either a glitter brush or a fine brush for the glitter background, as long as I don’t use too much. I find that the fine glitter works great for smaller images. The glitter brush, on the other hand, feels like a waste of time because I don’t use a lot of it.

I think the only downside to using glitter is that you’re not able to have glitter brushes over the entire background. So if you want to use one glitter brush on one image, you will have to crop the image first.

I used to be in the same boat. I dont use glitter, but I can get away with just using a fine brush to do my glittering. The fine brush just works better.

Sure, I could give you a better explanation, but I just want to point out that the glitter brush is not exactly necessary for glittering.

The only downside I see to using glitter is that I have a hard time getting the glitter to stick on the background. In fact, all of the images I was able to get right with glitter were on a white background. I thought of a way to get it right on black, but I only succeeded in getting it to look wrong when I was trying to get it to look right on white.

Well, it is a black background, but the glitter is obviously not going to stick on it. The problem arises from the fact that the actual background is a very dark blue. I can only imagine that the actual background would be black, or something that would look like a white background with some sort of white-ish glitter. I think I’ll use the black background for the next photo though.

I think a blue background works best, but the glitter is not a problem since it should stick.

Like I said, the actual background is a very dark blue. To look right on white, I think it would just be one or two shades lighter. I hope that the glitter stays on. But the fact that the glitter is not going to stick on this black background is a huge deal.

Ok, so I have to add a little something to this. To see this in action again, you need to open the game, load the file into your browser, then watch the trailer. This is a video game, not a TV show. You can’t just go to YouTube or any other video site and see all the videos of the game. You have to start it up, hit the “play” button, and then go to the video site to view the video.

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