When two people get angry at each other, it’s usually because one of them is trying to be the aggressor and the other is trying to be the victim. It’s not a matter of who’s right or wrong, just that one thing is at fault.

This is a controversial one. Most of us have at least a mild bit of “hostile aggression” when we’re angry because we tend to defend ourselves from people who are hurting us. We tend to defend ourselves from “other people” because we’re afraid of what they might do to us. But hostile aggression is not as simple as that. It’s about using anger to hurt someone.

The fact is, we are all born with a sense of when someone is using aggression toward us. It was only a matter of time that this sense became the aggressor, and we were all just supposed to let it happen. But sometimes its even hard to tell the difference. We all have a tendency to use aggressive behavior like kicking and biting when someone is trying to hurt us. But in reality, hitting someone is not always aggressive. Sometimes it is defensive aggression.

To really get to the bottom of it, I read a lot about aggression. For me it’s always in the form of physical force, and it’s always directed toward someone. However, there is one element of aggression that I never fully understand. One thing that I’ve read about in psychology is that aggression is a learned behavior. It’s not something that is innate to us. It’s learned behavior.

Aggression is something that can be learned. Aggression is the result of how we are treated. As far as we are concerned, the only people that act aggressively are those who get treated that way. So it is not like I will automatically hit someone when I see them. Well, no, not without first learning how it is done. But its not like I won’t hit someone if they get angry. I will, but I won’t hit the person with the anger.

Aggression is something that we are taught, but it is not something that is innate to us. In fact, the whole concept of aggression is really the result of humans having had to adapt to human interaction. We have to learn how to handle other people, how to act in group situations, and how to deal with people in their own environment. Because we are the product of evolution, we have to learn how to adapt to different people.

It is this same process that has led us to the ability to interact with other people in a way that has been completely alien to us. Most of the time we are the aggressors or the aggressors that others end up wanting to be. This is because the first thing we humans did when they came into the world was to fight other humans. If we had to fight with other people, we would have been pretty fucked up.

This might sound a bit like the typical “you should just learn to fight like everyone else” argument, but it’s not. A great deal of the reason we evolved the fighting instinct is because we had to fight when other groups were trying to kill us. After all, when humans had a better chance of survival, they had to kill more creatures to eat.

This is the very same reason dogs and horses have the same fighting instinct. Their bodies were so specialized that they had to be able to kill just as much as a human. In fact, they had to kill a lot more. A dog’s body is so large and heavy that it can kill a horse with just one bite. It’s that ability that makes it so dangerous. In fact, in some cases, they even evolved to be more aggressive than they were in the wild.

This is why dogs and horses have the same fighting instinct. Our bodies have evolved to be so specialized that we have to be able to kill just as much as a human to survive.

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