The global economy is going through a major upheaval, and not just because of the recession. As technology becomes more advanced, people are finding themselves tethered to their desks for longer periods of time in order to work. And what’s even worse is that this constant sitting can lead to health problems down the road like obesity and diabetes. But there are some ways you can fight against this trend. DeskFlex is an individually designed hoteling and booking system for workplaces, conference rooms, parking spaces and group work rooms. Align your company more flexibly and efficiently with our workplace booking system!

what is DeskFlex?

The company that developed this tool started with the idea of offering a more satisfying workplace to their employees. It was in their interest to do so since they wanted a healthy workforce which would provide them with not just dependable revenue but also create another income stream aside from the already well-established one they have.

what are the benefits of using DeskFlex?

DeskFlex offers several different benefits to business owners. The first major benefit is that it can help you save a lot of money on private space use. It allows you to have the space which business travelers need without paying for the space you don’t need at all times.

what is included with DeskFlex?

DeskFlex includes a virtual meeting room, a private office space and even a parking space! There are also options to make it look like you have access to all these spaces whenever you need them. You can make your section as small or large as you want by adding more or less business travelers or conference rooms. And for your employees, there is an increase in productivity and job satisfaction when they have the option of working from home.

what is the difference between DeskFlex and traditional workspace rental?

DeskFlex is a workplace booking tool that offers you more flexibility and benefits compared to the available rental services. You can use it whenever you want, just like what most people do when they need temporary space because of an event or project. However, DeskFlex also offers hoteling hosting that allows you to create a virtual room inside the webpage or web application itself so that you can have your office workers in one place without having to rent extra office space for them.

what are DeskFlex’s social media and websites?

You can get more information about the company by following them on Facebook and Twitter for latest updates. If you want to know more about the service DeskFlex offers, you can visit their official website for all of their information.

how can I get a free trial?

If you are interested in what DeskFlex has to offer, get a free trial from them first before you buy the plan. You’ll be able to use it on different devices like laptops, smart phones and desktops if you order DeskFlex on a monthly basis. And if you do decide to purchase a VPS package, simply call them and they’ll be happy to help.

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