No social media post should be boring and unappealing!

The reason behind this is that, no two social media platform is the same and each one of them has its own set of rules for promotion and getting traffic. 

Connecting and sharing with people is the main goal for all the platforms and each one is different in it way- Twitter is for any current update, Facebook is to get in touch with friends and family and LinkedIn is for connecting with new business contacts and maintaining  strong professional image. 

When you are making posts for these social media platforms, you should keep in mind some important things that are unique to each one like-

  • Type of audience using the platform
  • Best time to post the content
  • The character limit for the posts
  • Best time for images and video posting

When you are thinking to do something great on social media platform to get more leads and generate sales, you can hire the SMM agency in Los Angeles (LA) that provides the best services in social media marketing campaigns and promotions. 

Benefits Of Customized Posts For Various Social Media Platforms

Let’s think that you made and posted a post on Twitter and shared the same on Facebook. You will see the difference of engagement in both the platforms. The reason is that, people engage on these platforms in different ways. You will witness an increased engagement, better reach and with higher returns when you will use the customized texts for each one of the social media platforms. Your contents should reach the right customers and customization helps you to do that. 

In order to have most of the traffic from the customized posts for each of the social media platforms, you can follow the tips mentioned-

  • Twitter provides the audience that like to have customer information in the first case. The information should be informative but appealing and short. 
  • Facebook is the place where the audience have short term of attention span but will spend endless time scrolling the past posts and current posts coming on the timeline. You need to make an emotional connection by creating them on the story. 
  • LinkedIn is the place where you can share thoughts as the thought-leader. It is the learning platform. People visit here to have meaningful connection that expands with the network. It is often said that LinkedIn network will prove to be the best one. 

Los Angeles social media marketing company like Lounge Lizard provides effective tools and strategies that allow you to share the same information while you are optimizing the posts on each one of the platforms. These tools have the ability to add different elements like GIFs, emojis, tag people, videos and images that will help you to target the audience. You can visit the link to visit and know more about the services. 

How To Make Interactive Posts On Facebook

For Facebook posts, you can make experiments with short and crisp posts that target the contents. Here are some steps to follow in creating the posts-

. Ideal Length Of Facebook Updates

The ideal length of Facebook updates is about 40-80 characters. Statistics say that if you use such character limit, you can have around 86% of more engagement. 

. Use Lists In Copy And Headlines

You should make lists on copies and headlines that will attract more users to the post. Audience can make fast decision whether the links and what they want to click. 

. Make The Post Funny And Interactive

One of the main criteria of using the engaging posts on Facebook is to make it funny and interactive with different emojis that will attract more users to the site. 

. Make Use Of Ideal Size Recommendations For Facebook

When you are posting images on Facebook, make sure that it has the right size dimensions. You can also experiment with lots of media formats like videos, emojis and lots more. 

To get the best help from an agency that offers social media marketing in LA/ Los Angeles, you need to make an extensive research about the available agencies and then choose the best one for you. 

. How To Make Best Post On Linkedin

If you are scrolling the LinkedIn feed right now, you will long text posts, videos and link posts with images. These are some ways to get the best out of LinkedIn engagement. 

. The Title Should Be Unique And Specific

One of the most important tips to follow is to make the title unique and specific in nature. This will attract more viewers to the post. 

. Number Of Linkedin Images

Though the preferences can vary from person to person, research shows that Linkedin posts should have 4-8 images to get more viewers. 

. Use The Ideal Size 

As per the social media marketing services in LA, you should always make use of the right size of post so that it fits with the dimension and get more reach.

Thus, from the above posts it is clear about the tips to keep in mind when you are designing the posts on different social media platforms. You can consult with the team from Lounge Lizard that delivers the best and effective SMM services in Los Angeles. To know more you can visit their official website. 

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