Everyone is aware of the rapid advancement of technology in recent years. With the advent of wireless technology, online platforms, and mobile devices, we all have experienced significant shifts in how we interact, share information, and socialise. 

How has School ERP made Online Teaching Using Mobile a Possibility?

There have been multiple advancements in the education sector as well. Today’s education system is not the same as it was ten or even five years back. There has been a change in everything- the way student information is recorded, transferred and preserved, the ways students and teachers communicate and learn, the teaching pedagogy and even the mode of learning have changed.

Schools can easily record and streamline their overall management using school management software which eases the data recording process and its transfer for all the stakeholders- the students, the teachers, the parents, and the administrative staff. 

Online learning is gaining importance because of its multiple benefits and learning from mobile is the easiest way to do so. Teachers can use multiple apps to teach and schools can use a school ERP to manage all the day-to-day activities without the hassle of documenting everything in files. This advancement in technology has made learning online a possibility and this wouldn’t exist without the invention of ERPs.

How to Teach Using a Mobile Phone

Every other person today has a mobile phone. With the plethora of benefits that it comes with, using it for teaching online is a small yet big benefit. Let us understand how you can teach using a mobile phone.

1. Make a Plan

You should make a plan before you leverage your mobile phones while teaching online. You should do a quick research on your target audience or your students’ and their availability to mobile phones. This should be the first step.

You should also plan your lessons and the way you are going to teach.

2. Choose an App

There are many online teaching apps available today. Do research in this field too and then invest in an app that matches your expectations and your budget. Look for the basic features or the day-to-day activities that you are going to do. 

3. Record Your Classes

Every student has a different learning process and a different learning curve. Some may understand a concept with just one explanation, while others may need time and several explanations. You can utilise a mobile device to record your live classes or pre-record the concepts making it simple for students to review material at any time by simply listening to the class recordings.

4. Create Discussion Forums

You can construct online discussion forums using the group chat feature. This guarantees class attendance even though everyone is seated differently in front of their mobile devices. By simply typing it in the chatbox part of the forum, students can ask questions and discuss their doubts and share their opinions.

Creating discussion forums also helps promote class participation and peer learning.

Final Thoughts

A mobile phone has made the online learning process simpler and accessible to more and more students. You can teach from anywhere and anytime!

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