I can’t tell if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but I can say that there is dna in poop and I’m going to talk about that a bit.

The first thing is that poop is a pretty weird substance. We know that poop is made up of poop and poop, but it’s not exactly clear how you get the poop. It’s not clear exactly what happens to your poop, but in general, you are what you eat. In other words, it’s your poop. When you eat poop, you absorb it and then it’s your poop. When you poop, you get poop, but when you are poop, you get poop.

So, poop is not necessarily poop, but it is definitely poop. It is made of poop and mostly all of this poop is poop. We know poop has DNA, but its not exactly clear how this DNA happens. Its not clear if your poop is your body or if its just your poop. You are what you eat. The DNA for poop is probably made of poop. It is also probably made of poop.

So, poop has DNA, DNA has poop DNA, and that’s just poop. How does this DNA get absorbed? Its not clear. It is probably made of poop and poop is a very big part of our poop DNA. Its very unlikely that poop DNA is made of poop DNA, but it could be.

This all makes sense, but I would like to leave you with what we were taught in this class in the first place. “There are eight basic DNA sequences that all living things have. These sequences are made of three main parts: DNA, RNA, and protein. All living creatures have only one of these three components in a balanced way. These three components are made of three main units: adenine (A), guanine (G), and cytosine (C).

DNA is our genetic code for writing information into the “living” cells of our body. DNA makes up the code that allows us to remember our childhood, our parents, our grandparents, our teachers, and us. For example, a person’s DNA code can be used to remember the people and places that they have lived in their life. As a genetic code, DNA is very small and it takes a lot of time to code information into cells.

DNA is a very fragile thing. This is why we are able to make copies of ourselves, i.e. we can make copies of our DNA. We can also make copies of other living things, plants, animals, and even ourselves. For example, in nature, when we make a small amount of DNA copies of ourselves, they are called zygotes, which are only a few cells in size. These zygotes then divide to produce a new pair of identical cells.

I have seen this process referred to as “dnaing.” This is when you make copies of yourself, DNA, and then make copies of cells, zygotes. This is basically why we can now make copies of ourselves, i.e. we can make copies of our DNA.

We have no idea how the cell dnaing works, but as a consequence, we can produce copies of our cells, and if the copies of our cells are the same or similar as the original cells, then we can theoretically pass our cell dnaing on to other cells.

So how does this relate to poop? Well, it turns out that dnaing is the process where you make a copy of your cellular DNA. This may seem like a weird idea, but the cells are made from sperm cells. Sperm cells are made from a single strand of DNA that is passed from the father to the baby, and if that DNA is identical to the father’s DNA, then a single cell will be made that is just like the father’s.

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