Today with the growth and advancement in science and technology, all the professional sectors have evolved a lot. Leaving behind the conventional methods of working, people have switched to digital tools. And our education system is no other exception.  Now online teaching and learning are reaching greater heights of success. 

With better flexibility, convenience, and comfort, online teaching has been a savior for all teachers and learners in the pandemic times all across the globe. Let us discuss some tips that online educators can follow to make their classes more beneficial, understandable, and meaningful learning experiences for the students. 

Tips for online teachers to make their classes more beneficial for students

1. Ensure student’s regularity and punctuality in classes 

For effective teaching and learning, maintaining students’ regularity with online classes is very important. As students reach the school every day, they must attend the online classes regularly the same way. By being irregular to the classes, students not only miss the academic topics being taught on that particular day but also their understanding of further lessons is also affected.

 The continuous flow of learning breaks. Using attendance management software, maintain attendance records of all students. Ask them to avoid absenteeism as much as possible. Also, ask students to join the online classes at least two or three minutes before the time only. Punctuality is very important. 

2. Have interaction with all students 

Focusing via computer or phone screens is already difficult for students, and if teachers only practice the teacher-centered approach of teaching, no successful learning can be carried out. Teacher-centred approach to teaching means teachers coming to the classes, explaining the lessons, and making students sit as mere listeners.

 With no opportunity to speak and share, boredom is caused in the class. To avoid this happening with your students, have interactions with all students. After teaching a topic, ask students what they understood. Have quality discussions, and listen to students’ ideas and opinions. 

3. Give a break 

Listening to the teachers from online classes is difficult for many students. Back-to-back academic classes without any break can cause fatigue as well as excessive screen time. To make sure that your students understand well in the online classes, give them a break in between. For example, after two academic classes, give students a break of fifteen to twenty minutes. This break will give students some time to relax, get away from the computer screens and re-energize themselves. After the break time, students will be energetic and well-focused on further learning. 

4. Ensure doubt resolution 

With theoretical and applicative subjects, facing doubts and queries in common with all students. For effective teaching, doubt resolution is very important. Once done with teaching the decided lesson in a class, allow your students to ask doubts. You can ask them to post their queries in the chatbox of the app too. This will provide students with a clear and in-depth understanding of the academic lessons. 

5. Have participatory activities 

For effective online teaching, only teachers explaining and students sitting quietly with a mic on mute won’t work. Teachers must conduct interesting participatory activities in the classes. Some of the examples are group discussions, question-answer rounds, playing quizzes, one-to-one questioning,  recitations, etc. This will make students speak up and share the gained knowledge. Teachers will get an idea about how much students are understanding, what is the current learning status of the class and give feedback for improvement. This makes online classes impactful for students. 

6. Give homework, and upload the assignments on the app 

To make classroom learning more beneficial and effective, self studies equally important. The best way for teachers to ensure that students study at home is to give them homework every day. Many students have a habit of delaying and procrastinating their studies. 

But when they are given homework every day, students will develop healthy self-study habits. You can upload the homework topics and assignments on the online teaching app in use. Give students a good amount of time to finish the homework. ERP full form is an enterprise resource planning software that teachers can use to maintain homework submission records of students, and see who is off track. 


Many students are now opting for online teaching by seeing its advantages offered to all. All instructors need to offer the best academic services to students here. By following the above-mentioned tips, teachers can teach online effectively. This will ensure both teaching and learning success. 

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