I used to have a bad fear of public speaking. I was terrified of speaking in front of an audience. I would never speak in front of a group of people because I would be scared that I would be judged for being stupid or unintelligent. I always felt that I would be the only person who didn’t know what to say, or that I would be judged harshly for my lack of knowledge. I always had a hard time talking to anyone.

I’ve learned that it’s ok to speak up, and that speaking up for yourself is a sign of maturity. I’ve also learned that you’re much more likely to be given an opportunity to speak if you are a confident, articulate person.

The problem with being confident is that you can be judged harshly for your lack of confidence. The problem with being articulate and confident is that people can assume that youre less intelligent than yourself, and that you feel like youre not as clever as you could be.

Muscle is a great resource for learning what to say when you are the only person around. I’ve been told that the best way to make yourself known to people is to stand out in a crowd. It might take a little practice but it can be a lot of fun.

Muscle is one of the most powerful learning assets there is, and it makes you feel like youre more intelligent and in control of your own mind than you actually are. Ive been told that it takes practice to become confident and articulate, but the good news is that this is also something that can be easily learned. If you want to get into the habit of articulating what you think, you can take a simple muscle png and do it over and over again.

To practice muscle png, I would recommend just taking a picture and putting it on your computer and then typing it in with your pen as if you were making a muscle png at the computer. This is only half of the process. You will need to practice what you type by looking at pictures (or at your computer) each day or it will start to feel like you’re on autopilot. The other half of the process is to practice being confident about what you type.

I often use this exercise, but it’s not just muscle png. If you want to practice making a really good muscle png you can go to www.bodypaint.com (which has a lot of good pictures). Or you could use the video editing software on my website, i.e.

My website, www.musclepaint.

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