The plan of God is to overthrow all religions that steal his glory. To hell with probably the most of you anyhow, you all mislead individuals. Clearly the guy you’re responding to ia an atheist, like me, so please cease annoying us with this BS you name a religion.

Only Satan and the fallen have been completely judged responsible. Being slaves in denial is no excuse for this to proceed.the poisoning of out water and vaccinations n pharmaceutical corps. I haven’t read all of the feedback on this web page but it’s apparent that there’s a monumental quantity of ignorance on the subject, learned solely from fallacious doctrines. It seems that everyone is intent on promulgating the doctrines of their “churches” with out actually reading the Bible and discovering the origin of the Hebrew and Greek phrases being bandied about. Misinterpretation, reading out of context, and not even attempting to determine the sources of the words used to explain the “light bringer” will ever make the truth known. Not to mention the historical milieu of the one prevalence of the word in the KJV.

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I mentioned that God wouldn’t have given us a name of one other god by which to name him, as a result of God informed us not to use the names of different gods. So if Jesus had referred to as the devil by the “name” devil, Jesus would have been breaking God’s command. “Satan” is a Hebrew word meaning food trucks word crush “adversary” or “accuser.” Almost each time it appears in the Bible, it’s preceded by the particular article “the” (“ha-satan” in Hebrew or “tou satan” in Greek). How usually do you learn of “the Moses,” “the David,” “the Abraham,” and so forth.

It’s a miracle it’s still there in any respect. The Last Supper has been painstakingly and teadiously restored, with conservators generally engaged on sections as small as 4 cm a day. To get to it you’ve obtained to walk through a sequence of airlocks (AIRLOCKS!?!?!) and they solely allow 15 people at a time because the moisture from your breath and your pores and skin particles will damage it.