cTrader is a forex trading platform that was first launched in 2010. cTrader is a web-based trading platform that allows traders to trade from the comfort of their home or office, 24 hours a day, five days per week.

While you can use this software for forex trading, it can also be used for CFD (contract for difference) and other financial markets such as equity indices and commodities. In total, there are over 300 markets available to choose from all over the world!

It offers an advanced suite of tools that allow you to easily analyse market data, place orders and track positions while still giving you access to professional features such as spread betting on stocks traded on the Stock Exchange.

It offers traders an advanced web-based trading platform.

When you open your cTrader account, you’ll have access to an advanced web-based trading platform that’s available 24/7 and easy to use. The platform can be accessed anywhere on any device with an internet connection, making it easy for traders to trade whenever they want.

cTrader has been designed with the input of many traders and brokers globally.

cTrader has been designed with the input of many traders and brokers globally. The goal is to create a trading platform that suits the needs of both retail and professional traders while also satisfying investment bank requirements for an institutional-level solution.

While cTrader is highly flexible, it also allows for strict control over every aspect of your trading environment. For example, you can set up multiple workspace layouts (such as one for each asset class) with different risk limits or leverage settings if you prefer to trade differently across various asset classes.

The cTrader platform offers a full suite of products for every type of trader.

cTrader is a fast, reliable and flexible trading platform that allows traders to access the global financial markets directly from their PCs, laptops or mobile devices. cTrader offers full multi-asset class products for FX, CFDs and Forex trading.

The platform also provides an extensive selection of charting tools and features to enable traders to make better decisions with real-time market data streaming directly into their MT4 terminal.

The cTrader suite includes a web-based version, desktop version and mobile app.

In addition to offering numerous features and functions, the cTrader suite includes a web-based version, a desktop version and a mobile app. This allows you to access your account wherever you are in the world.

This variety ensures that traders can utilise the platform on their device of choice.

cTrader also offers a variety of ways to access the platform. This ensures that traders can utilise the platform on their device of choice.

While it is web-based, you don’t need to download anything, as it can be accessed directly from your browser. You only need an internet connection and any device with a browser (desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone). cTrader’s mobile app also allows you to trade on your phone or tablet.

cTrader’s features include innovative charting features such as “Market Depth” visibility to see volume traded at each price level and ‘one-click” trading to send market orders with one click.

This can be especially useful if you’re a trader who likes to place stop losses on your trades or cut losses short.


cTrader is a forex trading platform. It’s designed for traders, which means it has all the features you need to trade currencies and commodities. cTrader works on desktop and mobile so that you can trade from anywhere.

There are many benefits to using cTrader:

  • It’s web-based, so there are no downloads required to get started
  • Supports multiple screens at once (up to 8)
  • The user interface is customisable
  • Has a wide range of technical indicators available in real-time
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