It is around 9,000,000 in the US at the time of this writing. The population of Mars is projected to double over the next 80 years.

In other words, the population of Mars is now growing as fast as the population of the US.

This is a particularly interesting fact because so far all of the scientific analysis of the situation indicates that the population of Mars will continue to grow. This is because the Martian atmosphere is very different than the Earth’s. The atmosphere of Mars, unlike that of Earth, is very thin and highly pressurized. The atmosphere of Mars keeps most of the radiation and other threats to life at bay. However, the atmosphere is also quite thick.

Mars is a large planet in the Solar system, and it has plenty of surface area for colonization. Currently, the population of Mars is about 2.5 billion people. If you add the population of North America, that brings the total to about 6.5 billion.

Mars has a very low population density because Mars is a large planet with a very thin atmosphere. That means that the majority of the population is concentrated near the surface of the planet. There are about 4.8 billion people living on the surface of Mars. That’s quite a lot for a planet of this size! The population density of Earth is about one billion people per square kilometer. Most people live in the cities of the United States.

That’s still quite a lot, but Mars is quite a bit more than Earth. So why is the population so high? It’s because Mars has a lot more water than Earth. Mars has a surface area of about 8,000,000,000 square kilometers. Earth has an area of only about 7,000,000,000 square kilometers. Thus, Mars has a much lower density of people per square kilometer than Earth.

Mars is also the most active of all the planets in our solar system. On Mars the surface is covered with craters from millions of years of erosion and bombardment. The atmosphere is so thin that the surface of Mars is actually a solid globe. So there really is no need for all these people in the cities of the United States since they can just as well live in the forests of Mars.

As I’ve mentioned many times before, the only way people living on Mars can make a living is to get rich by working for Elon Musk. And, as Mars is still under the government’s control, you can bet that they are making a lot of money mining and building roads for their new colony on the planet.

It is clear that the government of the United States wants to get rich by building roads and mining the planet for resources. It’s also clear that the government of Mars is making a lot of money from mining and building roads for their colony. In some ways it’s similar to a lot of people who make the majority of their money from their job. It’s also easy to see how this can cause a lot of people to become wealthy and take up a lot of space on Mars.

Mars is the largest planet in our solar system, and the one that seems to have the most influence over the world’s governments. The planet is rich in resources, and large settlements and cities dot its surface. Like Earth, the government’s goal for Mars seems to center around the extraction of resources that can be used to create a new economy.

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